Boccia is a Paralympic sport, originally just for Cerebral Palsy sufferers but now fast becoming a very important sport for EVERYONE.  True, only disabled athletes can compete in formal competition, but in our club, as in many others, able-bodied and disabled men and women play together; projecting a soft ball whilst sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Just come along to any session: But if you contact us first we'll make sure that you will be greeted and welcomed; see contact page.

You'll get to meet our friendly but motley crew and whether you want to just chat and chill or become a champion, we'll be pleased to see you.

If you're not in our area; visit Boccia England's website and club finder. You'll find a huge amount of general information and resources there as well.


Boccia is quite literally, a game that anyone can play...sighted or visually impaired...young or old...weak or or disabled...genius or intellectual impairment. There's a way for you to play just so long as you can move a muscle!

After a comfortable snooze for a few months, the club plans to be back in action very soon, running sessions for "Your Leisure" at Hartsdown Leisure Centre in Margate from January onwards.  We hope that a few new members as well as all of our old and not-so-old friends will join us, on a Tuesday or Friday afternoon, to be decided. Sessions will cost £3.00 a time, and will be bookable from the Your Leisure website.

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