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Tuesdays at 2.00 PM at Hartsdown for eight weeks from 10th January...£3.00 per session!


Play will now be from January 2023 at Hartsdown Leisure Centre at Margate. Please contact us for further details of these session, to be run by "Your Leisure".


MAY 2021 Update

We have decided to resume playing our great game again from Friday 28th May 2021!

We're back at Trinity, in the same hall as previously, but not as partners with the Community Resource Centre, which is no longer operating. Due to the retirement of Pam and Gerry, only Friday sessions will be running for the foreseeable future. Plans to re-start at Bay Point in Sandwich have been shelved indefinitely; at least until we know the strength and numbers of our remaining members. Had we resumed last year, things would have been very different, as we had bought all the kit we needed including chairs, court markers and a trailer, to operate from a sports hall, but the intervening six months and the sad losses of members have made it clear that we need to rebuild membership before considering such a big leap away from out previous base.



JUNE 2020 Update

At 15th June 2020, as I write this, there has been no change in advice from HM Government or Boccia England about when and how to resume indoor sporting activities like Boccia.

Most of you know that Jackie and I are hosting a few private "meet-ups" in our garden and in various parks. Last Friday, Linda, Janice, Christine and Laura joined us at Boundary Park and we caught up on the gossip. The next meeting is in our garden; and after that I think it will be Friday 19th in the car park/ garden at Trinity, to be confirmed.

Very sadly, I have to let you know that our two  lovely Tuesday game-makers, Gerry and Pam Fisher, have decided not to return after the COVID emergency. They were part of the original group that founded Boccia in Thanet, and have been pillars of the club and the game at all times since. We offer our heartiest thanks for everything they have done and the selfless work that they have put in.

ALSO, as announced by letter and on Facebook, June has retired as secretary for health reasons, but we hope that she will continue to play!

How, when and where we re-start the game is unknown. I'm half tempted to start sessions outdoors using coloured plastic balls (one colour per person)...I'll look at the logistics of chairs etc and discuss the proposal with folks! You can email comments to me....would you come to games in the park or the lawn at Trinity?

STAY HEALTHY, stay well!


TERRY FEARN, Chairman.

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